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Sr # Name & Address of Client Project Name Contract Number Project Description Start Date Completion Date Details
1NEOM CompanySatellite Offices at Neom Bay101102Operation and Maintenance of 2 No. Satellite Offices for 56 Occupants1-Jul-21See More
2NEOM CompanyNeom Zero Site Office1100006716Operation and Maintenance of Neom Zero Site Office9-Apr-22See More
3NEOM CompanySFSP Main Centre at Neom Bay including Helipad4800000230Operation and Maintenance of SFSP Main Centre at Neom Bay including Helipad4-Feb-22See More
4PetrojetCity Infrastructure Projects Division (CIPD) Office220286-2022 Rev. 01Operation & Maintenance of Temporary Office Facilities for Aramco CIPD department for 100 Employees1-May-22See More
5SaipemLTA2-53 Enhance LPG Piping Ju’aymah NGL1394328Onshore area preparation for RT crane utilization - LTA 5318-Apr-22See More
6Saudi Ready MixReady Mix Batch Plant06880220_1012-1Supply & placing of Base Course material. Area = 32,186 m 2 with average thickness 0.3m on existing compacted soil5-Jun-22See More
7Air ProductsNeom GH24505693469Supply & Installation of container & porta cabin type toilets9-May-22See More
8Ayed Eid Al Osaimi Engineering ConsultingAyed Eid Al Osaimi Engineering Office facility0621/GOP-NEOM/10171 & 0122/GOP- NEOM/PO/10852Rv1Infrastructure development, Construction of Lab/Office building, Office facility at Neom22-Aug-21See More
9SaipemLTA2-53 Enhance LPG Piping Ju’aymah NGL1379166Retaining Wall Penetration & Associated Work1-Jan-22See More
10SICIMUpgarde Uthmaniyah-Abqaiq Pipeline Systems ProjectSA010-SUB-007-SSA- AURCOCivil, Mechanical & Electrical work for temporary construction facilities24-Jan-22See More
11AccionaSea Water Reverse Osmosis Plant 2 (SWRO) at Al Khobar, KSASA05C1-Z20AZ-121-00Civil & Architectural work for 5 Buildings (RO Electrical Building, DAF Electrical Building, Main Electrical Building, Chemical Building & Sludge Building)26-Nov-20See More
12SaipemBerri Development Project Package 11392513Re Asphalting for Abu Ali Island Access Roads Phase III21-Mar-22See More
13Saudi AramcoTanajib Gas Plant6511076833Highway Fence around Construction Site to avoid animal crossing. Length = 50 Km15-May-22See More
14Dubaib & Sulaim Trading & ContractingJafurah On shore Oil Facilities2733Design, Supply & Construction of Camp Accommodation & Site Offices Facilities17-May-22See More
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