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Health and Safety

Health and Safety Promise:

Attiq-ur-Rehman Contracting Company works in compliance with modern safety and health standards specified by ARAMCO and the Royal Commission (RC). We consider these safety, health, and environmental standards as vital for a safer, cleaner and better society and follow them strictly.

Our growing company carries out site surveys keeping a close eye on the benchmarks of a healthy environment. For example, we use water sprays to reduce dust generation, while our employees are fully equipped with safety gear, including hats, gloves, shoes, earplugs, face shields and other project-specific equipment.

Complying with the Royal Commission standards of health and safety, we built a 28-meter-long tower in the Al Reef Sugar Refinery project based in Jizan. The aim of building this tower was to reduce the harmful effects of toxic gases such as CO2 and NO2, which escape in the chemical processes that take place during sugar refining.

HSE Policy (Health, Safety and Environment)

Our HSE policy represents our commitment to zero accidents, no chemical spills into the environment and a safer work environment for the workforce. We take all possible steps to ensure a safer work environment for our employees and a healthier, cleaner environment. Our workforce is equipped with safety equipment, are trained and follow the best industry practices. Everyone is accountable for his actions and follows strict guidelines laid out in our Zero Accident Policy. We understand that an HSE policy alone is not enough and have a system in place that ensures that the policy is properly implemented and monitored.

Our HSE policy is accessible to all employees and clearly defines e.g. ‘’who is responsible for what’’ and ‘’how to achieve individual commitments’’, including eliminating workplace risks and hazards such as chemical, electrical, mechanical and working at a certain height.

Our HSE Commitment

AURCO Contracting team is fully committed to achieve company’s HSE objectives. We regularly perform checklist-based safety inspections, spot checks as well as internal HSE audits. Our HSE policy and management system is based on mutual responsibility, accountability, continuity and integrity, which all our employees follow in compliance with international standards.

We strive to keep our workforce well-versed with the latest industry trends and create an environment that promotes continuous improvement, instills responsibility and ensures safety.

ISO Certificate 9001:2015
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