April 15, 2024 09:49 PM

First Hydrogen Fuel Station

First Hydrogen Fueling Station:

AUR Contracting has the honor of installing the first-ever Hydrogen Fuel Station in Saudi Arabia in collaboration with TOYOTA, ARAMCO and Air Products.

Many countries have been striving to move away from fossil fuels to minimize dependency and carbon footprint. With limited resources comes the need to discover new ways to generate and harvest power.

Organizations are now more concerned with keeping the environment clean than ever, thanks to stricter regulations and better awareness. Hydrogen is not only a great alternative to ozone-depleting fossil fuels, it’s also environment-friendly and can save future generations from the ill effects of a polluted environment.

We are committed to making our environment cleaner and healthier, and plan to launch more hydrogen fuel stations in the future. Our goal is to help people transition from traditional to more eco-friendly energy sources.

2 fueling stations are in the pipeline that will fuel the H­2 vehicles across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our commitment to continuous innovation and installation of Hydrogen fuel Stations will be a great help in achieving the local and international needs of Eco-friendly energy sources.  

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