June 21, 2024 12:58 AM

CEO Message

With the company’s growth, development and expansion to every corner of the Kingdom, AURCO contributed to the Saudi market with a huge fleet of machinery and manpower. We are well known and leading supporters for new Industrial Expansion by rendering initial setup facilities with minimum possible time regardless of any geographical location in the Kingdom.

This remarkable growth, overwhelming success along with the wise leadership, absolute confidence of our customers, partners, the industrial, commercial and residential market that always expects us to complete our march in the single-aim road, have drawn the clear map of our work. We are proud to be supportive of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 by contributing towards a diversified economy and serving the private sector industrial construction.

We excel through comprehensive future viewing, good planning; adoption of development policy for all work systems and mechanisms. Added to that, the provision of adequate and suitable jobs and training of national work force in implementation of continuous training concept and the transfer of expertise to the work team. Through these pillars, we ensure the achievement of optimum use of resources for timely completion of projects with Safety and Quality. We are professional, dedicated and transparent.

AURCO’s Portfolio (an overview):

  • AURCO Contracting Co. is playing a leading role in industrial construction and strives to be a role model for environmentally friendly companies.
  • AURCO Contracting Co. provides end-to-end Project Management services to its industrial clients, right from the beginning till project completion.
  • We are always ready to accept new challenges presented by modern industrial construction and are committed to completing projects while ensuring 100% satisfaction of our valued clients.
  • We facilitate our clients with the installation of Camp offices, including all facilities such as electric work and furniture.
  • We pioneered the installation of Hydrogen Fuel Station and are playing a leading role in transition to fuel technologies of the future.
  • AURCO Contracting Co. is involved in construction of Al Reef Sugar Refinery Project in the Jizan Economic City.
  • We have expertise and experience in constructing parking shades with precision and accuracy.
  • We ensure that AURCO’s experts and field staff is motivated and committed to meet the company’s high-quality standards.
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